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My family, our foot doctor

We are to the foot what the dentist is to the mouth. Please never hesitate to come see us for any ankle or foot problem that you have.

Our mission is to provide thorough treatment plans to everyone who suffers from any ankle and foot conditions, from bone to skin. We treat babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults and seniors!

We pride ourselves in offering premium podiatry services. We are thorough in our approach, and we explain conditions in an easy way.



Miners in Australia

Miners, you make your money on your feet

With 10-12 hour shifts in work boots, underground or on the surface, on uneven ground and rocks, using heavy machinery and doing repetitive lower limb movements, miners are quite often exposed to ankle and foot injuries and conditions. We help miners and their employers to allow you to go back to work as quickly as possible in a safe manner.

We do not like the idea of foot or ankle pain dragging for too long. We help with traumatic injuries of the foot and ankle, with chronic pain of these structures, ingrown nails and fungal infections. We give advice on prevention and we also prepare thorough treatment plans for your conditions so that you heal as quickly as possible.


Ingrown Nails cleaning

Ingrown nails: painful but easy to treat!

Ingrown nails are a common condition amongst teenagers and workers. They are pretty painful and surprisingly easy to treat.

Ingrown nails are a result of multiple factors; in order to prevent and effectively treat them, these factors need to be known by the patient.



Miner in Australia

Experience the difference

We like to treat the root cause and not only the symptoms. We not only focus on the solution, we also focus on preventing it from coming back and help you see the big picture of what brings you to our practice. It is always about life choices, and we believe in making patients responsible for their own foot health. We are here to guide and give you long lasting advice.



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We are available for emergencies.

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